The firm of Edward Moore and Co was established at the Tyne Flint Glass Works, South Shields, in 1860. Their products were in great demand, and they exported to Europe and the colonies. They had a reputation for good quality and appeared at major exhibitions; they were the only exhibitors of pressed glass at the international exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1862.

By 1881, the firm was suffering from the depression. The largest cone at the factory fell, but was rebuilt, and furnaces were relit which had been disused due to lack of orders.

From 1882, the business boomed for the rest of the century. Patents were taken out on two new colours, “eau de nil” and a caramel brown.

Moore bought the moulds of Joseph Webb of Stourbridge in 1888, and the patterns were included in their new pattern book.

In July 1891, the works were completely destroyed by fire, except for the 5 cones. However the works were rebuilt and production began again in in May 1892. They continued to bring out new designs, and improved the metal, up to the standard of “Manchester glass”. (By the end of the century, Manchester houses were producing better quality glass than the North East). Moore concentrated on the quality of the glass, rather than on producing new wares.

In May 1900 Edward Moore died, and the firm was continued by his son and widow. In 1913, they ceased trading, and the majority of their moulds were bought by Davidson’s.

Jug with vertical gadroons
Jug with vertical gadroons. Rd 80013 1st Sept. 1887
Jug with daisies and gadroons
Jug with daisies and gadroons. Rd 82606 30th Sept. 1887
2-handled sugar
2-handled sugar (or tazza) frosted with thistles and daisies design. Ed 82606 30th Sept 1887
Jug, hobnail design. Rd 109612 2nd Oct. 1888
Comport with hobnails design.
Comport with hobnails design. Unmarked, but same pattern as the jug above.
bowl with swags and hobnails
Large bowl with swags and hobnails. Rd 120437 26th Feb. 1889
large bowl
Large bowl – another view
Rd 120437 - showing pattern on foot
Rd 120437 – showing pattern on foot
Sugar with swags and hobnails. Rd 120437 26th Feb 1889
Sugar with gadroons.
Sugar with gadroons. Rd 58275 7th Oct. 1886
Comport with gadroons.
Comport with gadroons. Rd 58275 7th Oct. 1886


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